Rich in culture as well as natural beauty, St Lucia has many wonderful tours and activities to choose from making it the ideal getaway for everybody.

Check out the following list of tours and excursions available and book the holiday of a lifetime...

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The iSimangaliso / Greater St. Lucia Wetland Reserve is protected by a number of rules and regulations. When visiting this pristine area, please observe all the necessary regulations, guidelines and notices. This will ensure your continued enjoyment for you and others visiting and resident in this magnificent area.

  • Kindly observe gate times when entering and leaving any of the entrances in this World Heritage Site.
  • Pets are not allowed into the iSimangaliso / Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park.
  • St. Lucia is in a low risk malaria region. For practical purposes, however, your doctor, pharmacist or local homeopath will be able to recommend a prophylactic.
  • Do not litter.
  • Do not feed any of the numerous apes or mongooses found in the Park.
  • No Jet bikes or Jet skis are allowed in the Park.
  • No fireworks may be detonated.
  • Beware of crocodiles around body of fresh water or estuary (including the mouth). Do not wade - it is not safe.
  • Sand dunes are ecologically sensitive areas. Please respect the vegetation and life on these dunes.
  • All recreational fishing, bait collection, diving or harvesting of shellfish is regulated. Information is available at any Conservation office.
  • St. Lucia is a popular deep sea fishing destination. Ensure your boat is properly registered and the necessary guidelines are observed and adhered to.

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A great variety of birdlife make their home in and around the iSimangaliso / Greater St Lucia Wetland Park and many can be seen on one of the many walking trails.

Situated just thirty minutes from St Lucia is Umfolozi River Lodge & Bird Park, home to large a number of indigenous and exotic birds.

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Cape Vidal

Soak up the sunshine with a day at Cape Vidal which includes snorkelling, game viewing and a short hike.

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KZN Wildlife Resorts – Caravan/Campsites
There are three campsites available in St. Lucia. Sugarloaf is the largest, with power points, ablution facilities and a swimming pool. Tariffs and information are available from the KZN Wildlife St. Lucia office on Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1340.


Camping and log cabins are available. The resort is situated on the coast just south of St. Lucia. Reservations and queries on +27 (0)35 590 9015.

Cape Vidal - 30km north of St. Lucia.
Camping and log cabins are available, situated on the coast amongst a Casuarina forest. Call +27 (0)35 590 9012.

Charters Creek
Charters Creek is situated opposite Mission Rocks, on the Western Shore of Lake St. Lucia. The hutted accommodation overlooks Catalina Bay. Phone +27 (0)35 550 1513.

Fanies Island
Hutted accommodation and campsites are available. This is a popular fishing resort, as well as a favourite birding spot. Phone +27 (0)35 590 9051.

Mkuze Game Reserve
A great destination for birders. Campsites, Tented and Hutted accommodation available. Phone +27 (0)35 573 0003/2/1.

Sodwana Bay
A diving and Marlin fishing mecca. Log cabins and campsites are available. Phone +27 (0)35 571 0051.

Kosi Bay
The most northerly resort - close to Mozambique. Camping and hutted accommodation available. Phone +27 (0)35 592 0234.

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The Crocodile Centre was first established to conserve the dim-inishing numbers of Nile crocodile, but has now expanded into an education centre with curio shop, restuarant, snake display, cycad garden and a variety of other crocodilians.

Guided tours are available with bi-weekly feedings being on Wednesday nights and Saturdays at 15h00.

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Up close and personal with the magnificent Zulu people…

Embark on a tour of Khula Village and initiate yourself into a history and culture that is alive and rich in its diversity. Conducted by tour guides who themselves are Zulus and local residents, this is an opportunity that should be embraced by every South African and tourist alike.

On arrival at Khula Village the visitor is met with an exact replica of a traditional Zulu "Kraal". A journey begins that weaves an enthralling lesson in Zulu culture and tradition. The life of a Zulu unfolds as the listener is taken through customs and rites of passage, from the charm of the Zulu love letter to the solemnity of gender roles. Marriage rites, courting rituals, lobola (bartering for the bride’s hand in marriage), the family structure and Zulu spirituality make for a fascinating introduction to these people.

The mysticism of the Sangoma (witch doctor) is unveiled with a visit to her "hut" where an introduction to her herbal and magical medicine takes place. For a nominal fee you can receive a personalised fortune telling from this ancient soothsayer. A tour of the surrounding area portrays Zulu life in the region today with many of the local people opening their homes to tourists. It is here that they will show off their beautiful beadwork, various crafts and the looms that produce their much sought after mats which often form the basis of their livelihood.

With the African bushveld as a stage, Zulu dancers delight the audience, their bodies pulsating to drums with an energy that is characteristic to these people. The day ends on a high note, literally, when guests are privileged to see the rare Umakweyane and other musical instruments played by traditional musicians.

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For many years St. Lucia’s economy was based on the thousands of anglers visiting the estuary, coast and deep sea fishing grounds. And still today, anglers flock to this paradise to try their luck. St. Lucia is ideal for both the novice and sport fisherman. St. Lucia also has a number of fishing tackle shops to assist in every aspect of angling.

St. Lucia offers anglers deep sea charters to catch game fish and reef fish, specialised fishing charters for marlin, sailfish and sharks and the "Big Five", boat-based spear fishing, shore angling to catch shad, grunter, rock cod and a variety of sharks, salt water fly fishing, kite fishing - July/August, estuary fishing (with or without boat hire) and guided fishing charters.

There is a wide variety of angling areas which stretch north and south of the estuary mouth and onto Lake St. Lucia. Most of the deep sea charters depart from the St. Lucia Ski Boat Club, whereas shore anglers can fish the Mapelane section, St. Lucia mouth to First Rocks, Mission Rocks and Cape Vidal. Estuary fishing is best at Honeymoon Bend and on the main Lake around Charter’s Creek, Fanies Island and False Bay.

Angling legal requirements:
Anglers are reminded to purchase the necessary permits.

All anglers must be in possession of a valid fishing license and any bait collected can only be done with the necessary permit. Further, since the iSimangaliso / Greater St. Lucia area is a conservation area, anglers should observe all fishing regulations and respect the environment by removing all litter, unwanted fishing tackle and bait.

Fishing and bait collecting licenses can be purchased from any local conservation office or post office, or phone +27 (0)35 590 1340 (St. Lucia) or +27 (0)35 590 9012 (Cape Vidal) for more information or angling requirements.

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Big Five

Spot the "Big Five" - elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard - on a tour of the nearby world renowned Hluhluwe/iMfolozi Game Reserve on a full day tour or self-drive excursion.

Full day tours of the game reserve usually include lunch and cold drinks.

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Enjoy a round of one of two of the best "9-holers" in South Africa (as listed by Golf Digest).

“Monzi and Umfolozi, two notable, albeit remote, 9-holers close to each other in Zululand, north of Richards Bay. Monzi is in sugar-cane country on the R618 between Mtubatuba and St Lucia, while Umfolozi is at Riverview, where there’s a sugar mill. Both provide memorable and challenging golf experiences in pleasant settings.”

Monzi Golf Course (16kms). Tel: +27 (0)35 550 4403.
Umfolozi Golf Course (27kms). Tel: +27 (0)35 550 0728.

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Night Drive

Explore the Eastern Shores after dark and discover the nightlife with a drive into the iSimangaliso / Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park.

You could see everything from the shy chameleon, hippo, leopard, nightjars, porcupine, aardvark, elephant and plenty antelope on this two hour excursion.

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Experience the beauty of the iSimangaliso /Greater St Lucia Wetland Park on a relaxing two hour boat cruise (three different daily departure times) along the St Lucia Estuary with St Lucia Safaris or Advantage Tours & Charters.

Learn about the numerous birdlife, hippo and croc to be sighted with educational talks. The boats offer ample space to walk around in and comfortable seats from which to study the beautiful scenery, while being custom built to venture into shallow waters, excellent photographic opportunities are a given.

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Horse Trails

Explore the wetlands on horseback with a choice of guided horse trails through the iSimangaliso / Greater St Lucia Wetland Park.

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Guided excursions are available on the Lake, the Estuary and the rivers. This is a truly unique way to explore the secrets of the Wetlands.

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Turtle Tour

(November - January)

Once a year you can see one of natures many wonders unleashed when about 500 loggerhead and 150 leatherback turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. It has been perhaps 15 or 20 years since the turtle has felt solid ground beneath her half-tonne body. Her stay will be short but by the time she leaves, 120 eggs will be nestled beneath the sand for two months to recommence this fragile and miraculous cycle.

Entwined in this splendor is a tale of survival in its most brutal form. This delicate prehistoric species will hatch in its hundreds, a few will not even reach the ocean and only a handful will make it to maturity, an estimated 1 in 500 hatchlings.

The turtle nestings have formed the basis of a healthy eco-tourism exercise in the iSimangaliso / Greater St Lucia Wetland Park every year. Nature conservation officers and tour operators take tourists during the breeding season for an experience of a lifetime.

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(1 December - 31 May)

Experience the thrill of a SURF LAUNCH before setting out to sightings of the Jolly Rubino, the second highest vegetated sand dunes in the world and possible sightings of dolphin, turtle, shark and much, much more with Advantage Charter!

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(1 June - 30 November)

No experience could be more satisfying than seeing the Humpback whale playfully and acrobatically thrusting its giant body clear out of the ocean - from as close as 50metres - during a well planned tour by Danie of Advantage Charter (SOLE PERMIT HOLDER and ONLY LEGAL boat based whale watching tour operator in St Lucia). The whale watching tour is an unforgettable, unique lifetime experience and not to be missed.

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Trails include the Emoyeni-, Mfazana Pans-, Umvubu-, Igwalagwala-, Mpophomeni-, Dugandluvu trail and the Fig Forest Walk. Information on these trails is available at the respective local Wildlife offices and tours are available through the KZN Wildlife Mission Rocks office on Tel: +27 (0)35 590 9002.

A map of the walking trails is available in PDF format.

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The iSimangaliso / Greater St. Lucia Park is rich in Zulu crafts. The Zulus or “People of Heaven” are famous in many respects. Historically Shaka Zulu is considered one of the most illustrious African leaders. Their colourful culture has spawned an international fashion craze. Even overseas their curios, beadwork and grass baskets are considered prized possessions.

Within St. Lucia there are several markets and curio shops which sell a great variety of curios. These include baskets, mats, carvings, walking sticks, clay pots and locally produced fruit and vegetables, while the world-renowned Ilala Weavers is only a short distance away from town.

Ilala Weavers was established some 30 years ago with a clear vision and objective of revitalising and enhancing the age-old Zulu tradition of handcrafts, which was in danger of being lost forever. Today, Ilala Weavers helps over 2,000 Zulu people to be self-sufficient, by working from their homes. These men and women are retaining the rich heritage of basket weaving and bead work, which has been passed down through the generations by Zulu crafters. These modern crafters produce stunning works of art, sought after the world over.

Visitors can view the largest collection of Zulu baskets in the world, locally woven lamps and shades, craft manufacture and unique artefacts from across Africa. Shop to the rhythm of African music or enjoy a cold drink on the deck overlooking the yellow African fever trees. Bring your binoculars and view the birdlife, while the children explore the play area.

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Bookings can be made through your hotel or bed & breakfast,or one of our following tour operators / information centres:

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1259.

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1127.

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1019

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1555

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1233.

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1047.

Tel: +27 (0)35 590 1162.

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